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Since 2016, Brenda has immersed herself in the world of writing and filmmaking. She is a member of the NB Film Co-op and has benefitted from tremendous support and networking opportunities.

Brenda worked on several members' short films as a lead or supporting actor (Moving On, At the Back), background actor (Entropic, Queen of the Andes, March 2.4), 3rd AD (March 2.4) and Script Supervisor (Friend Zone). In 2018 she also worked as a Production Assistant on a national television show, The Amazing Race.

Brenda has written several feature and award-winning short screenplays. In 2019, Brenda produced and directed her first short screenplay, After the War, when she was awarded the Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award. Her film won five awards at the Silver Wave Film Festival in 2019, including best NB Short Film and Excellence in Screenwriting. It was also among the films officially selected at the 2020 Amsterdam Lift Off film Festival and the 2021 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival.

Also in 2019, Brenda’s short screenplay, Chuppah, was either officially selected, achieved semi-finalist or finalist status at the following film festivals: The Independent Talents International Film Festival, The Hague Global Cinema Festival (Netherlands), The Social World Film Festival (Italy), Los Angeles CineFest and Macoproject Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In 2020 she was awarded a Short Film Venture grant through the NB Film Co-op and the Province of New Brunswick in order to produce Chuppah. Due to the pandemic, production was postponed to 2021 and is currently making its rounds at various film festivals..

In 2020, Brenda also produced, wrote, co-directed and starred in Digi-Dating, Anyone? the first episode in a planned comedic series entitled Ok, Boomer! This film was officially selected for the 2020 Silver Wave Film Festival and the 2021 Flixze Film Festival.

Brenda currently has two projects underway, a 12 episode animated series entitled Gracie and the Pirate Queen, and an 8 episode show called The Town Clown for Bell TV Fibe, scheduled to air in September 2023. 

Brenda is a resident of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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